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Current clients web sites maintained online:

Proven experience through Contract Programming for some of silicone valley's leading corporations, such as:

123 St. Thomas Exp
Santa Clara, Calif
Bank of America
222 Main St.
Walnet Creek, Calif
Cisco Systems
444 Tasman
San Jose, Calif
650 Brannan
San Francisco, Calif
FMC Corp.
123 Coleman Ave.
San Clara, Calif
IBM Corp.
555 Bailey Ave.
San Jose, Calif
Levi Strauss (Y2K)
1500 Sansome
San Francisco, Calif
123 Martin Ave.
Sunnyvale, Calif
Lucky Computer Ctr
680 & 580
Dublin, Calif
Matson Corp. (Y2K)
333 Market St.
San Francisco, Calif
123 St. Thomas Expressway
Walnut Creek, Calif